WCW World Television Title Tournament - February 2, 1993-March 3, 1993
  • First Round
Paul Orndorff defeated 2 Cold Scorpio
Cactus Jack defeated Tom Zenk
Johnny B. Badd defeated Chris Benoit
Steven Regal defeated The Barbarian
Erik Watts defeated Johnny Gunn
Maxx Payne defeated Marcus Bagwell
Robbie V defeated Shanghai Pierce
Vinnie Vegas defeated Van Hammer
  • Quarterfinals
Paul Orndorff defeated Cactus Jack
Johnny B. Badd defeated Steven Regal
Erik Watts defeated Maxx Payne
Vinnie Vegas defeated Robbie V
  • Semifinals
Paul Orndorff defeated Johnny B. Badd
Erik Watts defeated Vinnie Vegas
  • Finals
Paul Orndorff defeated Erik Watts
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