WEW Heavyweight Championship
Champion Date Won Location Notes
Kodo Fuyuki -a-
Masato Tanaka November 23, 1999 Yokohama, Japan
Tetsuhiro Kuroda January 5, 2000 Tokyo, Japan -b-
Kodo Fuyuki [2] May 5, 2000 Tokyo, Japan -c-
Hayabusa May 22, 2001 Sapporo, Japan
Kintaro Kanemura August 11, 2001 Tokyo, Japan
Hayabusa [2] September 5, 2001 Sapporo, Japan
Kintaro Kanemura [2] September 9, 2001 Tokyo, Japan -d-
Kodo Fuyuki [3] January 6, 2002 Tokyo, Japan -e-
Kintaro Kanemura [3] August 23, 2002 Tokyo, Japan -f-

-a- Awarded title.

-b- Kuroda vacates title on May 1, 2000 after being unsatisfied in a no contest decision in a match against Kodo Fuyuki on March 27, 2000.

-c- Defeated Kuroda for the vacant title.

-d- Belt returned on September 5, 2001 by FMW President Yoshida, citing Hayabusa's use of an illegal move.

-e- Title vacated in April of 2002.

-f- Title retired on May 5, 2003 when WEW closes.

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