World Tag Team Championship
Champions Date Won Location Notes
Kane and Hurricane Helms September 23, 2002 Anaheim, CA -a-
Chris Jericho and Christian October 14, 2002 Montreal, QC
Booker T. and Goldust December 15, 2002 Fort Lauderdale, FL -b-
Lance Storm and William Regal January 3, 2003 Phoenix, AZ
The Dudley Boyz [7] January 19, 2003 Boston, MA
Lance Storm and William Regal [2] January 20, 2003 Providence, RI
Chief Morley and Lance Storm March 24, 2003 Sacramento, CA -c-
Kane and Rob Van Dam March 31, 2003 Seattle, WA -d-
La Resistance (Dupree and Grenier) June 15, 2003 Houston, TX
The Dudley Boyz [8] September 21, 2003 Hershey, PA -e-
Ric Flair and Batista December 14, 2003 Orlando, FL
Booker T. and Rob Van Dam February 16, 2004 Bakersfield, CA
Ric Flair and Batista [2] March 22, 2004 Detroit, MI
Chris Benoit and Edge April 19, 2004 Calgary, AB
La Resistance (Grenier and Conway) May 21, 2004 Montreal, QC
Chris Benoit and Edge [2] October 19, 2004 Milwaukee, WI -f-
La Resistance [2] November 1, 2004 Peoria, IL ce
William Regal and Eugene November 15, 2004 Indianapolis, IN
La Resistance [3] January 16, 2005 Winnipeg, MB -g-
Tajiri and William Regal February 4, 2005 Saitama, Japan
The Hurricane and Rosey May 1, 2005 Manchester, NH -h-
Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch September 18, 2005 Oklahoma City, OK
Big Show and Kane November 1, 2005 San Diego, CA
Spirit Squad April 3, 2006 Chicago, IL
Ric Flair and Roddy Piper November 5, 2006 Cincinnati, OH
Rated RKO (Edge and Randy Orton) November 13, 2006 Manchester, England -i-
Shawn Michaels and John Cena January 29, 2007 Dallas, TX
The Hardys April 2, 2007 Dayton, OH -j-
Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch [2] June 4, 2007 Tampa, Florida
Paul London and Brian Kendrick September 5, 2007 Cape Town, South Africa
Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch [4] September 8, 2007 Johannesburg, South Africa
Hardcore Holly and Cody Rhodes December 10, 2007 Bridgeport, CT
Ted DiBiase Jr. and Cody Rhodes June 29, 2008 Dallas, TX -k-
Batista and John Cena August 4, 2008 Knoxville, TN
Ted DiBiase Jr. and Cody Rhodes [2] August 11, 2008 Richmond, VA
Kofi Kingston and CM Punk October 27, 2008 Tucson, AZ
The Miz and John Morrison December 13, 2008 Hamilton, Ontario
The Colons (Carlito and Primo) April 5, 2009 Houston, TX -l-

-a- WWE Tag Title becomes exclusively a RAW title and only referred to as the "World Tag Team Title" after October 2002. Smackdown holds a tournament for its own tag champions in October of 2002.

-b- Defeats Chris Jericho and Christian, The Dudleyz, and William Regal and Lance Storm in a Fatal Four Way match.

-c- Chief Morley strips the titles due to Regal's illness. He later awards the belts to himself and Storm.

-d- Defeats Lance Storm and Chief Morley and The Dudleyz in a 3-Way match.

-e- Defeats La Resistance and Rob Conway in a handicapped tables match.

-f- Denoit wins the belts on his own after Edge walks out on the match.

-g- Defeats Regal and Johnathan Coachman, who was substituting for an injured Eugene.

-h- Defeats La Resistance in the final leg of a "Tag Team Turmoil" match. Tajiri and Regal were eliminated by La Resistance earlier in the Turmoil.

-i- Kenny and Mikey originally win the belts, later all 5 members of the Squad are recognized as champions via the "Freebird" rule.

-i- Defeat Flair, who is forced to defend the belt by himself after Piper is knocked out of the match via a beating from Orton and Edge.

-j- Won titles in a ten-team battle royal.

-k- Rhodes turned on Holly and joined DiBiase.

-l- Defeated The Miz and Morrison to unify titles with the WWE Tag Team Titles. Belts are defended on both shows.

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