WWA Internationl Cruiserweight Championship
Champion Notes Location Notes
Juventud Guerrera October 19, 2001 Perth, Australia -a-
Juventud Guerrera [2] October 26, 2001 Sydney, Australia -b-
Psychosis December 8, 2001 Glasgow, Scotland
Eddie Guerrero February 24, 2002 Las Vegas, Nevada -c-
AJ Styles April 13, 2002 Melbourne, Australia -d-
Jerry Lynn May 21, 2003 Sydny, Australia -e-
Chris Sabin Mar 25, 2002 Auckland, New Zealand -f-

-a- Defeated Psychosis to become the first champion. Vacated the belt to make it avalible for a match on the WWA pay=per-view.

-b- Defeated Psychosis in a ladder match to win the vacant title.

-c- Vacated in April 2002 when Guerrero returns to the WWE.

-d- Defeated Jerry Lynn in the finals of a tournament to win the vacant titles. Vacted the belt in 2003.

-e- Defeated Chris Sabin in the finals of a tournament to win the vacant title.

-f- Defated Lynn, Frankie Kazarian, and Johnny Swinger in a 4-way match to unifiy the belt with the TNA X-Division title. WWA folds in late 2003.

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