WWE Championship
Champion Date Won Location Notes
Brock Lesnar August 25, 2002 Uniondale, NY -a-
The Big Show November 17, 2002 New York, NY
Kurt Angle December 15, 2002 Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Brock Lesnar [2] March 30, 2003 Seattle, WA
Kurt Angle [2] July 27, 2003 Denver, CO
Brock Lesnar [3] September 16, 2003 Raleigh, NC
Eddie Guerrero February 15, 2004 San Francisco, CA
John Bradshaw Layfield June 27, 2004 Norfolk, VA
John Cena April 3, 2005 Los Angeles, CA
Edge January 8, 2006 Albany, NY
John Cena [2] January 29, 2006 Miami, FL -b-
Rob Van Dam June 11, 2006 New York, NY
Edge [2] July 3, 2006 Philadelphia, PA
John Cena [3] September 17, 2006 Toronto, Ontario -c-
Randy Orton October 7, 2007 Chicago, IL -d-
Triple H October 7, 2007 Chicago, IL
Randy Orton [2] October 7, 2007 Chicago, IL
Triple H [2] April 27, 2008 Baltimore, MD -e-
Edge [3] November 23, 2008 Boston, MA -f-
Jeff Hardy December 14, 2008 Buffalo, NY
Edge [4] January 25, 2009 Detroit, MI
Triple H [3] February 15, 2009 Seattle, WA -g-
Randy Orton [3] April 26, 2009 Providence, RI -h-

-a- Defeated The Rock to win the "Undisputed" Title. Lesnar signs exclusivlely to Smackdown, making the title exclusive to SD!.

-b- Becomes RAW exclusive title when Cena is drafted to RAW.

-c- Vacated on October 2, 2007 due to pectoral injury.

-d- Awarded to Orton by Vince McMahon.

-e- Becomes Smackdown exclusive when Triple H is drafted to Smackdown.

-f- Defeated Triple H and Vladimir Kozlov in a triple threat match. Jeff Hardy was originally scheduled to be in the match, but had a backstage accident before the show. Edge was his surprise replacement.

-g- Defeated The Big Show, Edge, Jeff Hardy, Vladimir Kozlov, and The Undertaker in an Elimination Chamber match to win the title. Becomes a Raw exclusive when Triple H is drafted to Raw.

-h- Defeated Triple H in a six-man tag team match with Ted Dibiase and Cody Rhodes against Triple H, Batista, and Shane McMahon in which Orton could win the title if anyone from his team won the match.

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