WWE United States Championship
Champion Date Won Location Notes
Eddie Guerrero July 27, 2003 Denver, CO -a-
The Big Show October 19, 2003 Baltimore, MD
John Cena March, 14, 2004 New York, NY -b-
Booker T. July 27, 2004 Cincinnati, OH -c-
John Cena [2] October 3, 2004 East Rutherford, NJ -d-
Carlito October 5, 2004 Boston, MA
John Cena [3] November 16, 2004 Dayton, OH
Orlando Jordan March 1, 2005 Albany, NY
Chris Benoit August 21, 2005 Washington DC
Booker T. [2] October 18, 2005 Reno, NV -e-
Booker T. [3] January 10, 2006 Philadelphia, PA -f-
Chris Benoit [2] February 19, 2006 Balitimore, MD
John Bradshaw Layfield April 2, 2006 Chicago, IL
Bobby Lashley May 26, 2006 Bakersfield, CA
Finlay July 11, 2006 Minneapolis, MN
Mr. Kennedy August 29, 2006 Reading, PA -g-
Chris Benoit [3] October 10, 2006 Jacksonville, FL
Montel Vontavious Porter May 19, 2007 St. Louis, MO
Matt Hardy April 27, 2008 Baltimore, MD -h-
Shelton Benjamin July 20, 2008 Uniondale, NY -i-
Montel Vontavious Porter [2] March 17, 2009 Corpus Christi, TX -j-

-a- Defeats Chris Benoit in the finals of a tournament for the reinstated U.S. title. The belts lineage is traced back to the NWA United States Championship and the WCW United Staets Championship.

-b- Stripped and title declared vacant on July 6, 2004 in Winnipeg, MB after Cena attacks Smackdown General Manager Kurt Angle.

-c- Defeats Rob Van Dam in an eight-man elimination match to win the vacant title.

-d- Wins a best-of-five series.

-e- Title is held up after a match against Chris Benoit on November 21, 2005 in Sheffield, England ended in a draw, as both men's shoulders were down as two referees counted down both men.

-f- Defeats Chris Benoit in a best-of-seven series in which Randy Orton stood in for Booker T., gaining the fourth and decisive win.

-g- Defeats Finlay and Bobby Lashley in a triple threat match.

-h- Title becomes Raw exclusive after Hardy is drafted to Raw.

-i- Title returns to a Smackdown exclusive, as Benjamin is on Smackdown's roster.

-j- Title becomes a Raw exclusive again when MVP is drafted to Raw.

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