WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Champion Date Won Location Notes
Triple H September 2, 2002 Milwaukee, WI -a-
Shawn Michaels November 17, 2002 New York, NY -b-
Triple H [2] December 15, 2002 Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Goldberg September 21, 2003 Hershey, PA
Triple H [3] December 14, 2003 Orlando, FL
Chris Benoit March 14, 2004 New York, NY
Randy Orton August 15, 2004 Toronto, Ontario
Triple H [4] September 12, 2004 Portland, OR -c-
Triple H [5] January 9, 2005 San Juan, Puerto Rico -d-
Batista April 3, 2005 Los Angeles, CA -e-
Kurt Angle January 10, 2006 Philadelphia, PA -f-
Rey Mysterio April 2, 2006 Chicago, IL
King Booker July 23, 2006 Indianapolis, IN
Batista [2] November 26, 2006 Philadelphia, PA
The Undertaker April 1, 2007 Detroit, MI
Edge May 8, 2007 Pittsburgh, PA -g-
The Great Khali July 17, 2007 Laredo, TX -h-
Batista [3] September 16, 2007 Memphis, TN
Edge [2] December 16, 2007 Pittsburgh, PA
The Undertaker [2] March 30, 2008 Orlando, FL -i-
Edge [3] June 1, 2008 San Diego, CA -j-
CM Punk June 30, 2008 Oklahoma City, OK -k-
Chris Jericho September 7, 2008 Cleveland, OH -l-
John Cena November 23, 2008 Boston, MA
Edge [4] February 15, 2009 Seattle, WA -m-
John Cena [2] April 5, 2009 Houston, TX -n-
Edge [5] April 26, 2009 Providence, RI -o-

-a- Title reactivated after WWE Champion Brock Lesnar signs exclusive deal with Smackdown in September 2002. RAW GM Eric Bischoff awards Triple H belt. Title is unified with the WWE Intercontinental Title on October 20, 2002 when Triple H beats Kane.

-b- Defeated Booker T, Kane, Chris Jericho, Triple H, and Rob Van Dam in the first Elimination Chamber Match to win the title.

-c- Vacated by Vince McMahon on December 4, 2004 after the controversial finish to the Edge, Benoit, Triple H title match on November 29, 2004.

-d- Defeated Batista, Chris Benoit, Edge, Chris Jericho, and Randy Orton in Elimination Chamber match to win the vacant belt.

-e- Takes title with him Smackdown on June 28, 2005 when Batista is drafted to SD!. Vacates title on January 10, 2006 due to triceps injury.

-f- Wins 21-man battle royal to win the vacant belt.

-g- Vacates belt on July 17, 2007 due to injury.

-h- Wins 20-man battle royal to win the vacant title.

-i- Vacated on May 2, 2008 after GM Vickie Guerrero strips The Undertaker, deeming his new choke hold was too dangerous.

-j- Defeated The Undertaker in a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match for the vacant title.

-k- Won title after cashing in his Money In The Bank title shot. Title then becomes a Raw exclusive again.

-l- Defeated Batista, John Bradshaw Layfield, Kane, and Rey Mysterio in a Championship Scramble match after CM Punk was knocked out of the match due to a pre-match attack.

-m- Defeated John Cena, Chris Jericho, Kane, Mike Knox, and Rey Mysterio in an Elimination Chamber match. Due to Edge being a Smackdown superstar, the title again becomes a Smackdown exclusive.

-n- Defeated Edge and The Big Show in a triple threat match. Title becomes a Raw exclusive again.

-o- Defeated Cena in a Last Man Standing match. Title once again becomes a Smackdown exclusive.

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