WWE European Championship
Champion Date Won Location Notes
Davey Boy Smith February 26, 1997 Berlin, Germany -a-
Shawn Michaels September 20, 1997 Birmingham, England
Triple H December 11, 1997 Lowell, MA -b-
Owen Hart January 20, 1998 Davis, CA -c-
Triple H [2] March 16, 1998 Phoenix, AZ
D-Lo Brown July 14, 1998 Binghampton, NY
X-Pac September 15, 1998 Sacremento, CA
D-Lo Brown [2] September 29, 1998 East Lansing, MI
X-Pac [2] October 18, 1998 Chicago, IL
Shane McMahon February 15, 1999 Birmingham, AL -d-
Mideon June 21, 1999 Memphis, TN -e-
D-Lo Brown [3] July 25, 1999 Buffalo, NY
Jeff Jarrett August 22, 1999 Minneapolis, MN
Mark Henry August 23, 1999 Ames, IA -f-
D-Lo Brown [4] September 26, 1999 Charlotte, NC
Davey Boy Smith [2] October 26, 1999 Springfield, MA
Val Venis December 12, 1999 Ft. Lauderdale, FL -g-
Kurt Angle February 8, 2000 Austin, TX
Chris Jericho April 2, 2000 Anaheim, CA -h-
Eddie Guerrero April 3, 2000 Los Angeles, CA
Perry Saturn July 23, 2000 Dallas, TX
Al Snow August 29, 2000 Fayetteville, NC
William Regal October 16, 2000 Detroit, MI
Crash Holly December 2, 2000 Sheffield, England
William Regal [2] December 4, 2000 East Rutherford, NJ
Test January 22, 2001 Lafayette, LA
Eddie Guerrero [2] April 1, 2001 Houston, TX
Matt Hardy April 23, 2001 Denver, CO
Hurricane Helms August 27, 2001 Grand Rapids, MI
Bradshaw October 22, 2001 Kansas City, MO
Christian October 30, 2001 Cincinnatti, OH
Diamond Dallas Page January 29, 2002 Norfolk, VA
William Regal [3] March 19, 2002 Ottawa, Ontario
Spike Dudley April 8, 2002 Phoenix, AZ
William Regal [4] May 6, 2002 Hartford, CT
Jeff Hardy July 8, 2002 Philidelphia, PA
Rob Van Dam July 22, 2002 Grand Rapids, MI -i-

-a- Defeated Owen Hart in the finals of a tournament to become the first champion.

-b- Michaels is ordered to defend the title by WWF Commisioner Sgt. Slaughter and lays down for Helmsly to win the belt.

-c- Defeated Goldust, who was dressed as Helmsley. Slaughter awards the title to Hart.

-d- Pinned X-Pac in a tag team match; Abandons the title on April 4, 1999.

-e- McMahon awards the belt to Mideon after he finds it in Shane's bag.

-f- Awarded the title by Jarrett after Henry helps him defeat Brown the night before, winning both the Intercontinental and European titles.

-g- Defeated Smith and D-Lo Brown in a triple threat match.

-h- Defeated Angle and Chris Benoit in a triple threat match.

-i- Defeated Hardy in a ladder match to unify the Euopean and Intercontinental titles.

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