WWF International Heavyweight Championship
Champion Date Won Location Notes
Antonino Rocca July 1959 New York, NY -a-
Tony Parisi 1982 Buffalo, NY
Gino Brito August 1982 Buffalo, NY
Tatsumi Fujinami August 30, 1982 New York, NY
Riki Choshu April 3, 1983 Tokyo, Japan
Tatsumi Fujinami [2] August 4, 1983 Tokyo, Japan -b-

-a- Defeated Buddy Rogers to become the first champions. Title became vacant in the 1960's and then inactive.

-b- Vacates the title on July 19, 1985 after a match against Super Strong Machine ends in a double disqualification. The title is abandoned before it can be won again before it is abandoned due to the New Japan/WWF split on October 31, 1985.

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