WWF Martial Arts Heavyweight Championship
Champion Date Won Location Notes
Antonio Inoki December 18, 1978 New York, NY -a-
Shota Chochoshivilli April 24, 1989 Tokyo, Japan
Antonio Inoki [2] May 25, 1989 Osaka, Japan -b-
Riki Choshu 1990 -c-
The Great Muta August 16, 1992 Fukuoka, Japan -d-

-a- Awarded by Vince J. McMahon. Becomes an NJPW-exclusive title after WWF and New Japan sever ties in 1985.

-b- Abandons title some time in 1989.

-c- Awarded as the Greatest 18 Championship, although the physical belt was retained.

-d- Abandoned on September 23, 1992 in order for Muta to concentrate on defending the IWGP Heavyweight Title. Belt was subsequently retired by New Japan.

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