Million Dollar Championship

While this was never an official title, it has an interesting history that was part of WWF storylines for a number of years during the late 1980's and early 1990's.

Champion Date Won Location Notes
Ted DiBiase 1989 -a-
Virgil August 26, 1991 New York City, NY
Ted DiBiase [2] November 11, 1991 Utica, NY -b-
Steve Austin 1996 -c-
Savio Vega May 26, 1996 Florence, SC -d-

-a- DiBiase has belt created for himself and is announced as "The Million Dollar Champion".

-b- Abandoned when DiBiase and IRS win the WWF World Tag Team Titles on February 7, 1992.

-c- Presented by DiBiase.

-d- DiBiase is forced to leave the WWF after Savio Vega defeats Steve Austin in a Carribean Strap Match. The belt is retired soon after.

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