WWF World Junior Heavyweight Championship
Champion Date Won Location Notes
Paul DeGalles September 1965
Johnny DeFazio October 15, 1965 Pittsbugh, PA
Jackie Nicholas
Johnny DeFazio [2]
Jackie Nicholas [2]
Johnny DeFazio [3]
Jackie Nicholas [3]
Johnny DeFazio [4] -a-
Carlos Jose Estrada January 20, 1978 Uniondale, NY -b-
Tatsumi Fujinami January 23, 1978 New York, NY
Ryuma Go October 2, 1979 Osaka, Japan
Tatsumi Fujinami [2] October 4, 1979 Tokyo, Japan -c-
Tiger Mask January 1, 1981 Tokyo, Japan -d-
Black Tiger May 6, 1982 Fukuoka, Japan -e-
Tiger Mask [2] May 26, 1982 Osaka, Japan -f-
Tiger Mask [3] June 12, 1983 Mexico City, Mexico -g-
Dynamite Kid February 7, 1984 Tokyo, Japan -h-
The Cobra December 28, 1984 New York, NY -i-
Hiro Saito May 20, 1985 Hiroshima, Japan
The Cobra [2] July 28, 1985 Osaka, Japan -j-

-a- Nicholas' reigns have not been confirmed, and are listed according to reports on Weekly Puroresu. DeFazio vacated the title in 1972 when he retires.

-b- Defeats Tony Garea for vacant title.

-c- Vacated when Fujinami jumps up to heavyweight division in December 1981.

-d- Defeats Dynamite Kid for the vacant belt. Vacated due to injury in April 1982.

-e- Defeats Gran Hamada for vacant belt.

-f- Vacated on March 4, 1983 due to injury.

-g- Defeats Fishman for vacant belt. Vacated on August 12, 1983 when Tiger Mask retires.

-h- Defeats Davey Boy Smith on February 3, 1984 and The Cobra on February 7, 1984 to win the vacant title. Vacated in November 1984 when the Kid jumps to All-Japan.

-i- Defeated Black Tiger for the vacant belt.

-j- Vacated on October 31, 1985 when New Japan and the WWF split. Title is forgotten hereafter.

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