XPW King Of The Deathmatch Championship
Champion Date Won Location Notes
The Supreme February 28, 2000 Los Angeles, CA -a-
The Messiah November 10, 2000 Reseda, CA -b-
The Supreme [2] October 13, 2001 Pico Rivera, CA -c-
The Sandman February 23, 2002 Los Angeles, CA
The Supreme [3] July 20, 2002 Pico Rivera, CA
Altar Boy Luke October 5, 2002 Philadelphia, PA
The Supreme [4] December 21, 2002 Philadelphia, PA

-a- Defeated Kronus in the finals of a tournament to become the first champion.

-b- Vacated when The Messiah wins the XPW World Heavyweight Title on May 26, 2001.

-c- Defeated Vic Grimes in an exploding ring match to win the vacant belt.

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