ZERO1 International Junior Heavyweight Championship
Champion Date Won Location Notes
Spanky June 29, 2002 Sapporo, Japan -a-
Low-Ki September 16, 2002 Tokyo, Japan
Wataru Sakata August 31, 2003 Gifu, Japan -b-
Tatsuhito Takaiwa May 16, 2004 Tokyo, Japan -c-
Super Crazy December 18, 2004 Chiba, Japan
Ikuto Hidaka April 14, 2005 Tokyo, Japan
Takuya Sugawara February 26, 2006 Tokyo, Japan
Tatsuhito Takaiwa [2] July 27, 2006 Osaka, Japan -d-
Minoru Fujita August 26, 2006 Kyoto, Japan -e-
Ikuto Hidaka [2] January 19, 2007 Tokyo, Japan
Tatsuhito Takaiwa [3] February 18, 2007 Tokyo, Japan -f-
Dick Togo June 20, 2007 Tokyo, Japan -g-
Ikuto Hidaka [3] October 26, 2007 Tokyo, Japan
Masaaki Mochizuki January 23, 2008 Tokyo, Japan

-a- Defeated Smelly to become the first champion.

-b- Vacated on April 12, 2004 to allow Sakata to participate in the Tenka-Ichi Junior Tournament.

-c- Defeated Tony Stradlin for the vacant title.

-d- Vacated on July 27, 2006 for the Tenka-Ichi Junior Tournament.

-e- Defeated Takuya Sugawara in the finals of the Tenka-Ichi Tournament for the vacant title.

-f- Vacated on May 6, 2007 due to a knee injury.

-g- Won a nine-man battle royal for the vacant title.

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