ZERO1 United States Heavyweight Championship
Champion Date Won Location Notes
Steve Corino January 6, 2003 Tokyo, Japan -a-
The Predator July 4, 2003 Niigata, Japan
Naoya Ogawa August 10, 2003 Nagoya, Japan -b-
The Predator [2] October 13, 2003 Fukuoka, Japan -c-
Kohei Sato July 9, 2004 Tokyo, Japan
Steve Corino [2] November 11, 2004 Tokyo, Japan -d-
Leonardo Spanky March 23, 2005 Hakodate, Japan -e-
Alex Shelley September 10, 2005 Tokyo, Japan -f-
Christopher Daniels November 23, 2005 Tokyo, Japan -g-
Steve Corino [3] March 25, 2007 Adelide, Australia -h-
Ricky Landell June 13, 2007 Indianapolis, IN -i-
Steve Corino [4] January 4, 2008 Valdosta, GA -j-
Sterling James Keenan March 8, 2008 Munhall, PA
Dr. X March 15, 2008 Morganville, NJ
Jake Manning April 12, 2008 York, SC
Sterling James Keenan [2] May 9, 2008 Limerick, PA
Ricky Landell [2] June 1, 2008 Limerick, PA

-a- Defeated Masato Tanaka to become the first champion.

-b- Stripped the same day by NWA president Howard Brody because the match was not officially scheduled.

-c- Defeated Mike Knox to win the vacant title.

-d- Vacated on February 28, 2005 when Corino decided to focus on winning the AWA World Heavyweight Title.

-e- Defeated Ryoji Sai to win the vacant title. Vacated the belt in September 2005 when he returns to the WWE.

-f- Defeated Sonjay Dutt to win the vacant title.

-g- Vacated on May 4, 2006 due to Daniels' failure to appear on shows.

-h- Defeated Ryan Eagles to win the vacant title.

-i- Defeated Zack Gowen for the title.

-j- Won the title by forfeit when Landell refuses to defend it.

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